The time of plague

Well, ‘its a long time since I wrote anything here. Not quite sure if I remember how to post.

We are living in interesting times which is an old Chinese curse. I have been told to quarantine myself for three months since I was discharged from hospital with pneumonia. I don’t mind as I have still books to read and write and I want to learn to play the five-string banjo (which is guaranteed to ensure self-isolation). I am lucky that I have vigilante custodians who are policing infection at the door. My kids very supportive but it is a scary time. London is quieter, less planes, mini riots in the shops over supplies. I bought a stylish black mask last year when I had the first pneumonia. It has a raffish, Zorro glamour. My daughter has been prepping for weeks and we have enough basic food for perhaps six weeks. Strange and alarming time.